The cooler temperatures in August have been a blessing.

We see some heat and drought stress to trees and shrubs. The lawns are starting to recover nicely, though. I think it is time to dial back the sprinkler clock. We want to minimize disease issues. Please, only water in the morning on your regularly scheduled day.

We would like to see the same for the landscape plants and trees. We’ve noticed trees sloughing some of their leaves, as well as leaf scorch on shrubs. Even though it is stressful, it is not uncommon to see it happen after the kind of heat we have experienced.

If you don’t have it scheduled, I would highly recommend fertilizing the landscape in the spring and fall. It is designed to help replenish nutrients used during spring flush, and summer stress.

The local news mentioned several new cases of West Nile victims in Tarrant County. The recent rain will hatch a lot of new mosquitoes. Here are a few tips to minimize development.

  1. Check and change outside water bowls daily
  2. Make sure drains and gutters are free of debris and flowing correctly
  3. Empty any buckets that might have collected water during the storms

Remember, it only takes a teaspoon of water to hatch mosquitoes.

If you need help with mosquito control, let us know. We can fog the property monthly, or install a mosquito misting system.

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