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Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

Get More InfoScale insects that cause stress to the trees and reduce blooming and vigor.
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Get More InfoThe larvae live and feed on food and water moving through the tree. This can cause severe damage up to death.
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Brown Patch

Get More InfoSpring and fall fungal disease that attacks almost all turf grasses.
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Southern Chinch Bugs

Get More InfoRasping insect that aggressively feeds on St Augustine.
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Red Imported Fire Ants

Get More InfoThis pest can not only cause medical issues, but can also cause economic and ecological problems.
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Grub damage

Get More InfoLarvae of the Japanese Beetle. It can cause sever damage to all lawns during the late summer and fall by feeding on the roots of the turf.
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Mealy Bugs

Get More InfoUnarmored scale insect, parasitic in that it feeds on plants.