Procaspes Tree and Shrub Care services mean Beautiful Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs are a very big part of a beautiful landscape and Proscapes offers seasonal tree and shrub care services.

Just like a lawn, they are susceptible to extreme weather conditions and other ailments and should have proper care and treatment to ensure fertility and longevity. Our expertly trained staff can correctly diagnose, treat and maintain your trees and shrubs to help give you the best looking landscape possible.
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Seasonal Services for Your Trees and Shrubs:

Proscapes offers seasonal services to maintain beautiful trees and shrubs:

We apply a horticultural oil to maintain control over wintering insects that cause damage. We also inspect for any winter injury that may have occurred.
Spring, Summer, Early Fall: The treatments given during these rounds help to prevent insect and disease issues. The number of treatments will vary based on the needs of the individual lawn.
This will help prevent insect and disease problems throughout the season.
* The number of treatments needed will be determined upon the initial inspection.
Preparation for winter after extremely hot summers is vital for plants. During the fall rounds, we apply a treatment that will stimulate root development and store important nutrients for winter.