Lawn Care & Maintenance

At Proscapes, we know that a well-maintained landscape will preserve the appearance and health of your lawn for years to come. Our experienced lawn care & maintenance service team will give personal attention to your yard in weekly lawn care visits, enabling you to enjoy a healthy, beautiful yard year-round.

Procapes services include multiple visits a year for maintaining the lawn and beds. Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Mow and trim all lawn areas weekly during the growing season
  • Fertilize lawn areas four times annually to promote a beautiful green turf and a strong root system
  • Apply pre-emergent and selective herbicides twice annually to control weeds
  • Use insecticides and fungicides as needed throughout the year (fire ants excluded)

Proscapes offers Lawn Application treatments to maximize beauty year around. In Texas, there are many different reasons your lawn may be unhealthy. Our weather is extreme, and there are numerous diseases and pests that will destroy grass quickly. A sick lawn needs a knowledgeable, licensed technician to properly diagnose and treat the problem. Every lawn is different, and our experienced, trained technicians will develop the most effective strategy for your yard and bring it back to being healthy and vibrant. 

Please contact us at 817-337-3336 to discuss all your lawn care & maintenance service needs.