Mosquito Control Options

Mosquito Misting

Looking for mosquito control options? The team at Proscapes can help. Nothing ruins an outside gathering faster than bugs and mosquitoes.  Proscapes’ Automated Mosquito Misting System is an extremely effective method of control.  Our system provides ongoing protection with time-released mists that keep the mosquitos at bay and has on-demand capabilities.  With the push of a button, you are ready for your outdoor function.

We also offer individual mosquito treatment applications that protect your home for up to one month.  Our professional technicians visit your home and treat the lawn and shrub areas so that your family can enjoy being outdoors.

Whether you prefer the convenience of having your own system or having us visit the property monthly, Proscapes will give you relief from unwanted mosquitos in your outdoor areas.  Please call us at 817-337-3336.