Fall Gardening in North Texas? Yes we can!

2020 has been a brain drain and times have changed whether we like it or not.  It has opened our eyes to perhaps needing to rely on more traditional ways of doing things.  No one is certain of what the future holds, but learning new skills is never a bad thing.  One of the things we can do to make sure our families can make it through uncertain times is to have a plentiful vegetable garden that produces even in the fall. 

Children love to be a part of gardening, and it teaches them that our food does not originate in a grocery store.  Also, studies show that when kids participate in gardening, it becomes much easier to get them to eat those vegetables.  Nothing tastes better than the food you planted, harvested, and made into a meal.

In North Texas, our soil rarely freezes, and there are several crops that do well here.  Some people prefer to do raised gardening.  This method uses planter boxes up off the ground and then new rich soil and organic matter are added instead of the sowing into the ground method.  Whichever method you choose will require some research.  Some seeds need to be chilled in the refrigerator before planting, some can go straight from the packet to the ground.  Make sure you consult trusted sources and then go have fun!

Below is a planting guide for popular gardening crops.  Pick some favorites and try some that may be new to your family.  Research before you plant and then dive in.  Gardening is a fabulous activity that everyone can do together and produces some delicious results!

Vegetable Planting Guide for Zone 8

Vegetable Gardening in North Texas

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