One of the fiercest weeds in lawns, flower beds and gardens is nutsedge (nutgrass). Nutsedge has a distinctive three-angled stem that is tough and fibrous. It can persist in an environment for years until the conditions are right for growth. It spreads by seed, tubers, cultivation and can be introduced in topsoil, compost and nursery stock. One of the drawbacks to over watering or poor drainage is the sudden appearance of nutsedge. Why? Because this stuff likes it moist. So, if you have nutsedge show up take a look at the irrigation system, including possible leaks in that area.

Controlling nutsedge is a process, not an event. Post-emergent herbicides are the most common and for me have been the most effective. Control of nutsedge is easier on a lawn than a garden because of the herbicides involved.

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