Prepare for Freezing Weather

cover plants and pots before a freeze

Check out these tips and prepare for freezing weather! 

BRRR! The forecast for next week indicates the Groundhog was correct! A cold blast of air is headed our way bringing overnight temperatures in the teens and 20’s. In preparation for this, we have some tips for you to help protect your plants and turf.
Check out our winter freeze tips below and remember a dry freeze damages plants!
  • Water everything really well before the freeze. Turf and beds, especially pots and new seasonal color. It is best to do this during daylight hours. Doing this will help insulate the plants against the cold.
  • Bring pots, if possible, into the garage or cover them in the evening with a sheet or cold cloth or burlap. Make sure you water these pots frequently during the day because the cold temperatures will take the moisture out of the soil more quickly.
  • Turn your sprinkler system OFF before the cold & freezing weather moves in. 
  • Cover any sensitive plant material (perennials, tropical) that you hope to keep.

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